Terms of Use - Brushsets

1.) You are allowed to use and alter my brushes to create art, fanart and layouts and such works.

2.) You are not allowed to publish and distribute my brushsets - this includes the preview-images and the Abr/Zip-Files - elsewhere (forums, sites, blogs etc.) without my explicit permission.

3.) My brushes are linkware, therefore I would appreciate, if you credited me on the forums and sites where you publish your creations. If you use them on layouts, link back to this site!

4.) My brushes are to be used only for non-profit-work. If you want to use them for profit-work, contact me please, so that we can make a deal.

5.) You are not allowed to create your own brushes from my brushsets or to transform them to other formats and/to provide those on your site. The imagepacks are meant for personal use only.

Brush Categories

Image Packs

If you don't have Adobe Photoshop or have another version of this program, but still want to use a certain brushset of mine? Then feel free to ask, you may use the Email-form on the contact-page. When I receive a request for an imagepack, I will make the image-pack available as zip-file for all to download.

An Offer

You want all my brushes, but do not wish to spend an hour downloading them? No problem, get them on a CD for only 4 Euro plus mail-charges (depending on country). Please understand that you do not buy a license for my brushes with this action. All rules above still apply. If you are interested, then contact me.